march 8, 2016.

Hopefully this is my last jog spent dodging snowbanks and icy patches. My last few runs have suuucked and my shins are on fire half the time. I’m following a really gradual walk/run program and trying not to push too hard but still, my shins hate me. My friends who jog any tips?


3 thoughts on “march 8, 2016.

    • Niki! Yes, I did get some awesome tips and I’m now doing a 1min run/1 min walk pace and have gotten SO much faster. Eventually I’d like to work up to a longer run but right now I’m focused on my pace ahead of the 10K I signed up for. There are a lot of good walk/run apps out there for your phone though. Let’s definitely go for a run together! Or a walk/run. 🙂

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