march 8, 2016.

The ever lovely Jessica Blaine Smith sent this card my way a few weeks ago (thank you, Jess!) and it brought up a lot of thoughts and emotions for me. I know I post a lot on social media about this journey but privately it’s been difficult for me to acknowledge how hard I’ve been working or how tough things are. Change sucks, working out sucks (sometimes) and meal planning healthy meals week after week is rough. It gets easier, for sure, and the rewards are most definitely worth it but the day to day is not always sunshine and roses. Or cardio and kale. Thanks for reaching out, Jess. Your card made me take a few moments and give myself a pat on the back.



february 27, 2016.

I was going to hashtag this with ‪#‎humblebrag‬ but you know what, this brag is big and bold and not at all humble. This morning I did a BodyPump class, followed by a BodyAttack class and then I ran/walked at my best pace yet. I know, it’s horribly slow. I’m sure my running friends might not even call this a run, more like a shuffle. But I did it. I shaved almost a minute off my average pace. Did I want to go to the gym today? Nope. Did I want to go for a run after the sunset and all my motivation had set with it? Not in the least. But I feel amazing and awesome and so proud of myself.


february 8, 2016.

So there’s that. Two lofty, ambitious fitness goals that I’ve been working towards, dreaming about, visualizing almost every night. At the end of April I’ll be running 10k in Mississauga and over Thanksgiving I’ll be giving the Okanagan half marathon a go. If you are in either of these places at those times I’d love to see/hear you along the route or at the finish.

Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m in an exercise rut.  Signing up for these races has been a great motivator to try something different and set a goal that’s not related to the scale.  I’ve been following a very simple walk/run program and it’s so exciting to get through each week feeling stronger than the last.  The numbers on the scale have been slow to move these past few weeks so it’s been nice to focus on something else.