the plan

Small steps are easier and more sustainable than large ones.  Remember to be gentle and kind to yourself and this is about more than just losing pounds quickly and easily.

One of the very first steps I took was to contact a psychotherapist.  Depression had a deep dark hold on all aspects of my life and it took me months to find a therapist and then make the phone call for that initial appointment.  If you’re struggling with feeling unhealthy mentally as well as physically please know that you are not alone and you are absolutely, positively worth making that phone call to find someone to talk with.  It took another almost 8 months to finally make the connection between depression and my relationship with food.  Before that I would never have been ready to make meaningful change in my diet and lifestyle.  If you’re using food to fill an emptiness in your life know that a different relationship with food is possible.  If you’re in Toronto and would like the contact information for my psychotherapist I’d be happy to share.

Shoes on Concrete

I track everything I eat, drink and do with myfitnesspal.  I use their recommendation for how many calories I should be consuming in a day and try not to go over unless I’ve worked out significantly that day.  Even if I choose to go well over my allotted calories I still track the food that I eat to stay accountable and keep the habit going.  I still measure and weigh my food – it’s been mind blowing to see how far off my portions were!

Food Collage

I love Pinterest and pin healthy recipes all the time.  I use myfitnesspal’s recipe tool to figure out the calories and nutritional information with the ingredients that I have available to me (no two brands of chickpeas have the same calories!).  My favourite food bloggers are Pinch of Yum, Gimmie Some Oven and SkinnyTaste but there are lots and lots and lots of great healthy food resources out there.

At the gym

I occasionally work with an awesome personal trainer.  She has given Adrian and I wonderful strength training routines we can do at the gym on our own and helps keep my nutrition on track.  Her name is Justine and if you’re in Toronto I highly recommend you have her kick your butt.

150 workouts

In the beginning Adrian and I just started walking.  Every night.  We started with a short distance but using mapmywalk and seeing exactly how far we had gone really pushed us to go further.  When the weather turned towards winter we joined our local GoodLife gym and I fell in love with their classes.  However I’m a big believer in doing whatever physical activity you enjoy.  Keep trying new things until you find the one you can’t imagine yourself not doing and don’t worry about doing the things you hate.  I still haven’t taken a spin class.

You can contact me with any specific questions about what I’ve been doing and I will always write back.  Always, always.